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Home Base

Sorry the games on this website cannot be played on phone or tablet browsers. Visit the website on a PC or Mac to access this content.

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Welcome to Home Base!


What's New?


  • NEW ISLAND - Travel to Dog Man Island and welcome Dog Man, Li'l Petey, Petey, and 80-HD to the world of Home Base!
  • NEW MINI GAMES - Calling all Dog Man fans! Try and recreate your favorite Dog Man characters in the Make-O-Matic 3000 or tag them as fast as you can in Tagging Supa Buddies
  • NEW MAP GAME - Help the Bark Knight, Cat Kid, & Lightning Dude try and reign in an army of sentient hot dogs before they take over the world!
  • POLLS - Got any burning questions that you need answered? You can now create your very own Poll in the Newsfeed for everyone to vote on!
  • NEW CLOTHING - Dog Man clothing galore, plus much more like an Invisible Boy outfit (invisibility not included) and a pirate outfit to help inspire this year’s Halloween costume!
  • GLOBAL AND LOCAL CHAT - Global and Local chat tabs have been added to the chatbox! Chats can now be filtered depending on what island you are on.
  • PLAYER PROFILES - You are now able to view your avatar in your very own Player Profile! View your avatar, XP and level, and tokens all in one place.
  • NEW HUB VISITORS - Welcome the Invisible Boy, Dog Man, and Li’l Petey to The Hub! They’ll be hanging out in the front by the fountain.
  • NEW TROPHIES - Put your game playing skills to the test with new trophies related to the Dog Man minigames and map games!
  • HELP PAGE - We’ve added a handy dandy help page located in the Settings Menu and on the bottom of the Main Menu for the most popular questions that we’ve received! 

Known Issues:


  • Videos don't work on Android devices.
  • The Clue Hunt: Daily Mission Day 3 bug is under investigation.
  • Map Game start times are still under investigation.


A few notes:


  • You will need a fast internet connection to play this.
  • There are a lot of other small issues. We’re working hard to polish everything.


If you run into bugs or issues, especially any where the game isn't loading or crashes, please contact kidsonline@scholastic.com. It's very helpful for us if you include as many details about the issue as possible, including what operating system and browser you use. You can also share reports with us in the Newsfeed.


Lots more games and creativity features are on their way!


The Home Base Admin Crew