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Scholastic Home Base is a safe, free, 3D interactive world that celebrates favorite stories through book-based games, live author events, and a large community of readers.


Home Base is completely free to use with no download fee, subscriptions, or in-app purchases.


Customize your own character and join the Home Base community today!


Dive deeper into favorite worlds and discover new stories by exploring Home Base.


Read and listen to book excerpts for hundreds of Scholastic's bestselling titles. Visit dedicated areas for bestselling series such as Wings of Fire, Dog Man, I Survived, The Baby-sitter’s Club, and more. Get sneak peeks of upcoming books, and go behind the scenes of popular series.



Interact with Scholastic stories in new ways through book-based minigames, multiplayer activities, and other digital interactive experiences.


With more than 20 unique single-player minigames and 8  multiplayer games, there’s always more to do. Whether it’s action, puzzles, strategy, or word games, we’ve got a challenge for every type of gamer.



Connect directly with Scholastic authors during LIVE events in Home Base. Discuss favorite books with other readers via the newsfeed and live, filtered chat. And express creativity through writing and sharing stories and comics.


In addition to 24/7 moderation for safety, the Home Base admins model and encourage positive digital engagement, providing a great introduction for kids to internet safety.


Parents, teachers, and librarians:


learn more about Home Base educational and safety features

Home Base employs multiple safeguards to protect children online. Find out more by visiting our Parents and Educators page.

Participate in the Scholastic Summer Reading Program on Home Base where kids will be encouraged to read, celebrate their achievements and help increase access to books for their peers.

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JUL 19TH, 2020

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