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Whats New?


Welcome to the Home Base 2.5 Update!

Summer Read-a-Palooza

This year, Summer Read-a-Palooza is coming to Home Base! Scholastic Summer Read-a-Palooza celebrates reading for fun through fun competitions and chances to win exclusive items!

Summer Read-A-Poooza features will only be available for a limited time- from May 4th - September 7th.

  • Check-in daily to report your Summer Reading progress
    • Access to check-in through the Main Menu, Check-in Booth in the Summer Reading zone, and in your player profile
    • You can only check in once per day- after 24 hrs it will reset
    • Each time you check-in, you receive a 30 Tokens & 10 XP reward
    • There are optional fields to log the title of the book your reading, as well as minutes (they don’t count towards rewards/leaderboards)
  • Help unlock book donations for kids with limited or no access to books
    • A certain amount of check-ins will donate 1 book.
    • You can view how many books you’ve donated in your Home Base stats, or see how many total books have been donated across all Home Base users!
  • Download your Reading Report which summarizes all your Summer Reading progress.
    • Download, Print it out, and Show it off to your teachers, family, or friends
    • Report includes Longest Reading Streak, Total Check-Ins, # of Books Donated, & Total Minutes Read for every Month
    • Available to download at any time throughout the summer
  • A new Summer Reading tab has been added to your Player Profile
    • Displays all your Summer Reading stats after checking in, including your Current & Highest Reading Streaks, Total Check-ins, # of Books Donated, & what you’re currently reading
    • Also provides access to the Check-in page, fast travel to the Summer Reading Zone, Download Reading Report, and Leaderboards
  • View Total stats across all Home Base players
    • Located in the Check-in Page
    • View Total Books donated, as well as Total Check-ins
  • Track your “Reading Streaks”
    • Earn Reading Streaks by checking-in multiple days in a row
    • Reading streaks will reset to 1 if you miss checking-in on one day
  • Earn cool exclusive Summer Reading themed items, as well as bonus token/XP rewards for achieving certain Reading Streaks
    • View a list of all exclusive item rewards per each Reading Streak tier in the ‘Rewards’ tab in Check-in menus
    • These items are exclusive to Reading Streak milestones and are not purchasable
    • You can only receive each item once; any time after the first time a # streak has been achieved, a token/xp reward will be granted but not the item if it has already been received
    • For every consecutive check-in, players receive a bonus amount of tokens- this caps out at 500 tokens upon the 10th consecutive check-ins. If the streak is broken, token rewards start over at 30 again
  • View leaderboards to see what other Home Base players are reading, or compete to get the highest streak
    • Multiple leaderboards available:
      • Highest number of Check-ins
      • Highest Reading Streaks
      • Friends (highest reading streaks of friends)
  • There’s also a ‘Latest’ leaderboard that shows the latest 20 players who have recently check-ed in


Visit the Summer-Read-a-Palooza Zone on the Hub to talk to new characters, and enjoy the spirit of summer!

Summer Read-A-Poooza Zone will only be available for a limited time- from May 4th - September 7th.

  • Summer Reading Zone is located on the Hub, to the right of the fountain on the first level.
  • Talk to new characters like everyone’s favorite big red dog, Clifford, and his best friend, Emily Elizabeth
  • Other characters from different islands will be in the zone like Dog Man, Li’l Petey, Mr. Wolf, Glory, and more. Talk to them to read new Summer Reading exclusive dialogue.
  • Check-in to track your Summer Reading progress in the Check-in booth

Expanded Hub

The Hub is now bigger and better than ever with more room to explore! Walk around and see what you can discover - there might be a secret pathway, or two!

  • Player speed increased from 3 -> 5
  • Book zones have been moved around across multiple levels
  • Furniture Store added nexto Clothing Store
  • A new area down at the bottom of the Great Tome Tree has been opened up. You can now access it via stairs or a walkway from the second level.
  • A mysterious shrub has appeared on a hidden section at the bottom of the Hub- what secrets does it hold?
  • Catapult location has been shifted slightly to the other side of the pathway


Welcome the Baby-sitters Club to Home Base!

  • Zone located on the first level of the Hub that draws inspiration from the new Baby-Sitters Club editions
  • Access to Babysitter Heroes minigame portal
  • Talk to Kristy Thomas and Claudia Kishi NPC’s
  • Book podium with access to the Baby-sitters Club Library, including free samples


Play Babysitter Heroes and test out your entrepreneurial skills. How good are you at balancing each family’s baby-sitter preferences with the baby-sitters available?

  • A combination of Idle / Time Management type games to quickly assign babysitters to the correct jobs before time runs out.
  • Star Game / Includes 20 levels

Reward Values (1st Time Play):

  • 1 Star = 15 Tokens / 10 XP
  • 2 Stars = 30 Tokens / 20 XP
  • 3 Stars = 40 Tokens / 30 XP

Reward Values (Subsequent Plays):

  • 1 Star = 15 Tokens / 5 XP
  • 2 Stars = 25 Tokens / 10 XP
  • 3 Stars = 35 Tokens / 15XP


Check-in to Summer Read-a-Palooza everyday and you’ll earn some cool gear! There’s also new Baby-sitters Club themed clothing and furniture items available in the store.




There are new Summer Read-a-Palooza trophies, mystery trophies, and more! Take a look at the list & how to earn them in the Trophies tab in your Player Profile.

Summer Reading Trophies:

These trophies will only be available to achieve within a limited time - from May 4th - September 7th.

  • Check It Out! - [50 Tokens / 50 XP]
  • Checkmate - [2,000 Tokens / 1,000 XP]
  • Reading Streak: Bronze - [50 Tokens / 50 XP]
  • Reading Streak: Silver - [100 Tokens / 100 XP]
  • Reading Streak: Gold - [150 Tokens / 150 XP]
  • Reading Streak: Diamond - [200 Tokens / 200 XP]
  • Reading Streak: Platinum - [500 Tokens / 300 XP]
  • Book Donation: Bronze - [50 Tokens / 50 XP]
  • Book Donation: Silver - [100 Tokens / 100 XP]
  • Book Donation: Gold - [150 Tokens / 150 XP]
  • Book Donation: Diamond - [200 Tokens / 150 XP]
  • Welcome to Summer Read-a-Palooza - [50 Tokens / 50 XP]
  • Hello, Folks! - [50 Tokens / 50 XP]
  • Summer Reading Red Carpet - [50 Tokens / 50 XP]
  • Summer Reading Red Carpet - [50 Tokens / 50 XP]

Mystery Trophies

  • Honorary Club Member
  • Bust A MOO-ve!


We’ve added a ton of new featured books spread out on the hub! Check out their book podiums to read excerpts or listen to audiobook previews.

  • Shuri: A Black Pather Novel by Nic Stone
  • The Bicycle Spy by Yona Zeldis McDonough
  • Ghost Squad by Claribel Ortega
  • Lila and Hadley by Kody Keplinger
  • Hope by Alyssa Milano with Debbie Rigaud
  • Catwad by Jim Benton
  • Book One: Moon (The Dragon Prince) by Aaron Ehasz and Melanie McGanney Ehasz
  • Connect the Dots by Keith Calabrese
  • Keep it Together, Keiko Carter by Debbi Michiko Florence
  • Cutiecorns by Shannon Penney and Addy Rivera Sonda
  • Hot Dog! by Anh Do and Dan McGuiness
  • Jewel Kingdom by Jahnna N. Malcolm

New Hub Guest

Welcome your favorite mouse, Geronimo Stilton, to the Hub! He’s here promoting his new graphic novel, Geronimo Stilton and the Sewer Rat Stink!

Known Issues

  • WebGL reading report not printer friendly (instructions for how to print it properly are included in the Help section, in the Settings menu)
  • Player Profile & Store interfaces load very slowly. If this occurs, please wait and give it time to load (it may take a few minutes).
    • Avatar preview use placeholder textures while loading
    • Inventory items load slowly and may for a time display white boxes or face icons
  • The time when Summer Reading check-ins reset is incorrect (this will be changing)
  • In the Newsfeed, the brand filter dropdown opens in the wrong direction, preventing players from choosing any brands
  • Some Whatever After audiobooks do not load
  • Camera button will occasionally disable when taking selfies
  • Unable to scroll down list of Rooms when trying to switch if more than 4 are available
  • Switching between ‘Rooms’ on an island will cause your avatar to load in with default customization settings when viewed by other players (your local avatar will look correct)- to load back in correctly, open your profile and change an item of clothing.

Bug Fixes

  • Minigames load on iOS
  • Videos in the newsfeed will now play on both platforms (PC & Mobile)
  • Newsfeed optimisations implemented to prevent high chance of crashing while scrolling, or creating/posting comics
  • If there are 20+ comments on a post, they will now not disappear or load in the incorrect order
  • Fixed issue where some post links appear as [invalid link]
  • Abbey in Oz hair fixed - ribbons & shoes do not float around the player
  • Memory Cards audio does not continue to play after completing tutorial
  • ‘Klutsimised’ trophy unlocks