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Whats New?


Welcome to the Home Base 2.3 Update! This release includes new features such as Home Island, Klutz Zone, minigames and many more improvements!


Home sweet home! Now you have your own personal Home Island that you can decorate with furniture!

  • Travel to your Home Island through the World Map or use ‘Go To Home Island’ button in your player profile
  • Each player is gifted with a starter set of Home Base themed furniture items
  • Decorate your home by entering Edit mode
    • Place owned furtniure in your home blueprint
    • All items can be moved & rotated
    • Small items can be placed on tables, desks, or bookshelves
  • Walk around and enjoy your new Home!
    • Chairs & sofas are sitable
  • A tutorial is provided for first time players - also look for the '?' button in edit mode if you need any help!

Furniture Items

Hope you're been saving, because the shop doesn't just sell items for your avatar anymore! We've added a furniture shop filled with stuff for your Home Island, themed after the books you love.

  • Specific brand themed items are located on their associated island shops
    • All brand themed items are located in the Hub shop & Located in the Hub, your Home Island, and all other book themed islands
    • Specific brand themed items are located on their associated island shops
  • A wide variety of decorating options to buy
    • Items include flooring, wallpaper, chairs/couches, tables, wall art, & decor
    • Furniture themes include Wings of Fire, Dog Man, Bone, Whatever After, Geronimo Stilton, The Bad Guys, Dactyl Hill, Goosebumps, Klutz & Home Base (disco ball!)
  • View owned items in your player profile, in the new furniture tab
    • Select items to preview in a larger scale and rotate
    • Displays associated brand

Klutz Zone

The Creativity Corner has been revamped to bring Klutz to Home Base!

  • Located on the second level on the Hub, next to the Shop
  • Access to Super Collider minigame portal
  • Talk to Violet - the new Klutz NPC!
  • Interact with the Klutz Kits on the tables to read about Klutz products

Klutz Super Collider

Minigame/Star Game

Play the new Super Collider Klutz minigame, accessed through the Games Menu, or the portal in the Klutz Zone.

  • Make the red & blue balls collide using clay and simple machines
  • Play 20 unique levels
  • Collect Blueprints to learn more about simple machines
  • Complete levels to win fun items to customize your super collider balls

Reward Values (1st Time Play)

  • 1 Star = 15 Tokens / 10 XP
  • 2 Stars = 30 Tokens / 20 XP
  • 3 Stars = 40 Tokens / 30 XP

Reward Values (Subsequent Plays)

  • 1 Star = 15 Tokens / 5 XP
  • 2 Stars = 25 Tokens / 10 XP
  • 3 Stars = 35 Tokens / 15 XP

Holey Swiss Cheese

Map Game

Geronimo Stilton Island now has a map game, Holey Swiss Cheese! How long can you last without being squished?

  • Run to the holes while slices of cheese fall! If you don’t make it to a hole on time, you’ll be squished and out of the game. Try to last until time runs out.
    • Located on Geronimo Stilton Island
    • Join via the Event Calendar, notification, or Geronimo NPC

New Clothing Items

An assortment of new clothing items have been added to the store! Deck your avatars out in the latest Home Base fashions... including new Wings of Fire, Kiranmala, Klutz, and I Survived themed outfits (prices may vary).


A few new trophies have been added - some mysterious, some not! Collect them all if you can.

  • Proud Homeowner
    • Decorate your Home Island for the first time
  • Collision Course
    • Earn 3 Stars for all levels in Klutz Super Collider Minigame
  • Klutzomized
    • Unlock all customizable items in Klutz Super Collider Minigame

Mystery Trophies

  • Snowball Showdown
  • Dancing with Myself
  • Shrubbery Snob
  • One Track Mind

New Books

We’ve added a ton of new featured books spread out on the hub! Talk to the characters (which includes unique limited-time dialogue), or check out their book podiums to read excerpts or listen to audiobook previews.

Featured Books in the Hub:

  • Back Walkway - We’ve spruced up the path between the Dance Floor and Catapult with all-new books and excerpts
  • Dragonslayer - Finally Qibli comes to visit the Hub, bringing a slice of the desert with him. Make sure to get all that sand out of your shoes. Trying matching with him in an all-new Sandwing onesie!
  • Kiranmala - Kiranmala also comes to the Hub, bringing new outfits for you to wear with her!
  • I Survived Graphic Novel - Meet Lauren Tarshis on the Hub and learn more about the I Survived the Sinking of the Titanic graphic novel!


  • New Comic Creator Art
    • We've added all new Klutz and Kiranmala sections, updated images to The Bad Guys and Geronimo Stilton, and included the newest book covers like Wings of Fire: Dragonslayer!
  • Shop Shortcut
    • To quickly access the shop, we’ve added it to the Bookmark Menu in the HUD
  • Signature Rules
    • A ‘?’ button has been added next to the edit signature section in player’s profiles that opens an informational popup outlining signature rules
  • Login Page Messaging
    • Added messaging when attempting to login / creating an account if:
      • Password is incorrect
      • Email is not valid
      • No connection to internet
  • Fair Zones Standees
    • Updated Book Fair Zone standees to Jungle Themed

Known Issues

  • ‘Klutsimised’ trophy doesn’t unlock
  • Sometimes furniture items will persist, and pile on top of each other when viewing inventory in player profile
  • Unable to place items on top of Fireplace furniture item on Home Island
  • Unable to place items on the Cheese Table furniture item (it is also floating above the ground)
  • High chance of app crashing when scrolling through newsfeed

Bug Fixes

  • Added a fix to prevent the app from kicking players back to main menu when first loading into the game
  • All posts will load in newsfeed when choosing Fiction or Roleplay filters
  • All posts will load when viewing other player’s newsfeed posts from their player profile
  • Removed placeholder ‘What is a banana’ posts when loading into newsfeed
  • Game of the Day pop-up appears when first loading in at the start of each day
  • Fixed text overlapping for Featured Events in Event Calendar
  • Fixed bug where player movement is disabled when pressing 'ENTER' while catapulting
  • Fixed long delay after hitting ‘X’ on Change Room window and it closing, also causing a significant freeze on the Main Menu afterward