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Bubble Fun

What You Need:

• Water
• Rubbing alcohol
• Vegetable oil
• Food coloring
• Glass jar with lid
• Medicine dropper

Tip: You can use a straw if you don’t have a medicine dropper. Dip the straw into the liquid and cover one end with your finger. A small amount of liquid will be stuck inside the straw. When you release your finger the liquid will spill out.

Question: How do different liquids interact?

1) First, fill the jar about half full of water. Shade it with a few drops of food coloring.

2) Then, use an eye-dropper to put a few drops of oil in the water.

3) Tilt the jar on a slight angle. Gently trickle the rubbing alcohol down the side of the jar until it covers the cooking oil.

4) A small ball of oil will form between the alcohol and the water.

5) Put the lid on it. Save your luscious liquid experiment on a sunny window!

A Scientific Explanation:

Different liquids are made up of different densities of molecules. Density is the amount of molecules that are crammed into one space. Water molecules are more packed together than oil or alcohol molecules. This is why the oil and alcohol float on top of the water.


Alter the order you put the liquids in the jar. Can you explain what happens?