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Backyard Dinosaurs

What You Need:

• Books about dinosaurs
• Crayons, markers
• Large posterboard
• Paper
• Scissors
• Glue or tape
• Index cards

Question: What dinosaurs roamed your backyard?

1) First, research which dinosaurs lived in your part of the world. Dinosaur fossils have been found almost everywhere in the world, including Antarctica.

2) Then, pick a geological time period that most interests you. Choose one that had a lot of dinosaurs roaming around your neighborhood.

3) Draw the ecosystem from your chosen geological time period on the poster board. Was the area underwater? Was it once a rainforest jungle?

4) Now, on separate paper, draw the animals that would live in the ecosystem. Draw the dinosaurs interacting with each other. For instance, during the Cretaceous period you can have a T. rex chasing a triceratops.

5) Label the dinosaurs and add any facts you have collected on the index cards. Then add the cards to your poster.

6) Congratulations! You are now a local dinosaur detective.

7) Display your dinosaur ecosystem mural in your room.

A Scientific Explanation:

The Devonian Period was from 400 to 350 Million Years Ago, this was the time of the first amphibians.

The Carboniferous Period was from 350 to 300 Million Years Ago, this is the time of swamps and was known as the Age of the Amphibians. It is also when insects begin to flourish.

The Permian Period was from 300 to 250 Million Years Ago, this was the time of the first reptiles.

The Triassic Period was from 250 to 200 Million Years Ago, and is known as the Age of the Dinosaurs.

The Jurassic Period was from 200 to 150 Million Years Ago, new dinosaurs, reptiles, and insects roamed the earth.

The Cretaceous Period was from 150 to 65 Million Years Ago. This was the end of the dinosaurs.



Choose another type of ecosystem such as a prehistoric ocean, or another geological time period, and create another dinosaur ecosystem mural. erently colored water. Split about 1/3 of the celery stalk in half. Place each half into the two glasses of colored water. Can you explain what happens?