Zombie Season

You know the protocol. You've completed countless drills. Your go-bag is waiting by the door. Yet nothing can truly prepare you for what’s coming. No one is ever ready for zombie season...


It's a hard time to be in California. Every scorching summer brings the predictable disaster. Towns evacuated. Property destroyed. Lives on the line. Because every summer, catastrophe begins in the woods.


Every summer, zombie season arrives.


But when the adults refuse to accept that the zombies are growing faster and stronger, it's up to three kids to find a way to sound the alarm: this year's zombie season is very, very different. Something has changed, and time is running out to stop it...

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Welcome to the world of Zombie Season!


Zombies are invading the town of Redwood. As Dusk approaches, so do the undead. That's why we need YOU to help fight the zombies and protect Redwood.


Learn to lay bait and set traps, and use Chiller weapons to stop the superheated zombies from getting into an important Lab.


And between Dusks, you can explore the town, meet the characters, and discover the mysteries of Zombie Season Book 1.

🌆 Survive Dusks as a team and unlock more parts of the map

⚡Collect coins and redeem for boosts and power-ups

🧟‍♂️ Trap zombies and soak them with the Chiller!

☢️ Find Easter Eggs and discover the mystery…

🛍️ Hit the shop for exclusive Zombie Season accessories

Justin Weinberger

Zombie Season is Justin Weinberger’s second novel, following his debut, Reformed. Justin has also contributed to numerous television dramas, including the FX on Hulu series, “The Patient”, and FX’s “The Americans”, for which he shared in the Writers Guild of America’s award for Outstanding Writing - Drama Series. Originally from Easton, Pennsylvania, Justin makes his home in Brooklyn, New York with his wife, Chelsea, and their dog, Penny.