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The Glass Witch

Author: Lindsay Puckett; 


8  -  12

Adelaide Goode has never been good enough. Everyone knows she's the weakest witch born to the Goode family in centuries. And now her mom is betraying her in the worst possible way: abandoning her in Cranberry Hallow, where she has no friends at all, for three whole months! And she's pushing her to compete in the town Halloween pageant!

If Addie is going to be stuck in this town, her mother won't get away so she sets off the curse that's been haunting her family for centuries. But she doesn't plan on the curse turning her bones to glass and setting a 300-year-old witch hunter after her.

With the aid of a monster-obsessed neighbor and a twitchy-nosed, furry friend, Addie must hunt down the ingredients necessary to break the curse before the stroke of midnight. And if she doesn't...she might just erase magic from her family, and her town, forever.

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Lindsay Puckett

Lindsay lives in a tiny apartment in Ohio where there are too many books, just the right amount of pet hair, and never enough house plants. Or peanut butter. 


She has a Bachelor’s in psychology and enjoys creating videos for her YouTube channel where she shares her publication journey and helps other writers along their own. 


YouTube: Lindsay Puckett
Instagram: lindsayjmp
Twitter: puckett_lindsay